ERICKA- Owner, designer and operator of Letter & Grain. A graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, Ericka loves all things simple, pretty and gold! She grew up right here in the Central Valley, but enjoys traveling outside it's walls for ideas, inspiration and good food. When she isn't painting signs or dreaming up new projects to create you can find her spending time with her husband, son Nathan and two dogs taking in some down time sipping on something served in a cute cup.


Z- Builder and Hubby. Married to Ericka, Z is the muscle and building genius behind Letter & Grain. He makes the quick sketches, dreamt up ideas and honey-do-lists come to life. He is the builder behind the farmhouse tables, barn doors and planters. When he isn't in front of a good movie or in the garage sanding away you can find him working his "real" job inspecting homes.


BREE- Our newest team member to Letter & Grain, Bree is a graduate of Fresno State University and is the organizational force behind us. She tells us where to be, when to get there and how much time we have to get the job done. She is the occasional voice behind the emails and social media correspondence. Fueled by her favorite drink... coffee and loaded with notepads and agendas, that would make any designer swoon, she keeps us on task. Which is no easy task.